Rules For Payment Of Various School Dues Fees

 The annual school dues/fees (fees other than' monthly tuition fees) cover twelve calendar months and should be paid at the beginning of the academic year/session. No part payment is allowed.

Parents and Guardian are requested to pay quarterly (fees for three months at a time) in advance. No quarterly tuition fee will be collected from students/parents who have not paid Annual School Dues/Fees of the year.

The monthly tuition fees can be paid at a time for the whole year (twelve months). Parents/Students paying twelve monthly tuition fees at a time before 15th April (or within 15 days from the publication of annual result) will avail 10% (Ten percent) cash discount over full payment. Parents/Students paying 16th to 30th April (or between Sixteen day to Thirtyeth day of publication of annual result) will avail a cash discount of 5% (Five Percent) only. NO CASH DISCOUNT WILL BE ALLOWED AFTER THE ABOVE STIPULATED PERIOD.





  The school management reserve the right to change" enhance the rate of Annual School dues/monthly tuition fees/Bus fare & Computer fees without any prior notice taking into consideration the urgency of the time.




 The name of the student will be struck-off from the school register if the student fails to pay school fees consecutively for two quarter.


  In certain special case we provided Door Collection Service.



All the arrear school dues (Annual Fees/Quarterly Tuition fees/Bus fees/Computer fees) must be cleared up before 16th of the month   (April/July/October/January). 



 Class X students appearing C.B.S.E. Board Exam, should clear up all school dues on or before 10th September of the corresponding Academic Session before the filling of CBSE Annual Forms. 



Parents & Guardians are requested to insist for school Money Receipt for each payment made by them at the school counter. Such  receipt should be presented before the school authority whenever there is a dispute/confusion/claims regarding payment of school dues/fees.

















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