Codes of the Examination

1. To be eligible for appearing for the Annual Examination student should have 75% of attendance. In case of medical grounds a relaxation of 15%      may be made on production of a Bonafide Medical Certificate from a registered Petitioner under whom he/she underwent treatment. 

2. Special arrangements for examination cannot be made for the students who for what-so-ever reason remain absent from any of the test of examination, Except the answer script of the Annual Examination, the rest will be allowed to be seen by the students. In case of doubt necessary clarification to be made by the class subject teachers. 


 3. The decision of the Principal/Principal-in-charge will be Final for the purpose of promotion of the next higher class only after consultation with the teacher's Council.


4.  A fine of Rs. 1'00/- (Rupees Hundred) per paper/subject will be levied oil a student who remain absent from any examination without valid reason or on fictitious grounds.


5. Rank will not be awarded-on the final assessment.

6. In case of loss or damage a duplicate progress Report may be obtained on payment of Rs. 100/- (Rupees Hundred) accompanied with an application to the Principal. 



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